NLC Costs


The average daily rate for a hotel in Washington D.C. is unfortunately particularly high during the month of May, at an average cost of about $300. Fortunately, for you we've developed a list of hotels of all price ranges for your convenience, found on our hotels page.

Registration Fees

Registrations fees listed below are listed per person:

  • Students/advisors: $125
  • Chaperones and guests: $80
  • Late registration: $145 for students/advisors, $90 for chaperones/guests

For more specific information regarding registration deadlines and payment options, visit the BPA registration page below.


If driving several hundred miles isn't for you. Then booking a flight is your best option.

Also, if you need to get around once you have arrived in D.C., explore our transportation page for a variety of transportation options and their estimated costs.