2020 BPA NLC Guide

What You Need to Know:

Business Professionals of America

BPA is a student organization for those who wish to pursue careers in business management, finance, and more related fields. With more than 45,000 members across the United States, BPA opens countless opportunites for young people and prepares them for a world of business.

National Leadership Conference

The NLC is an annual BPA competition where thousands of high school students unite to showcase ther business skills and further develop their leadership abilities. Each day of the NLC is dedicated to an event intended to expand the knowledge of students across the United States and come together to create for the future.

Future NLC Dates and Locations:

  • 2020 - May 6-10 Washington, D.C.
  • 2021 - May 5-9 Orlando, FL
  • 2022 - May 2-8 Dallas, TX

How to Qualify

In order to attend the NLC, a participant must be a registered BPA member in good standing and be approved for attendance. All students must attend the NLC with an approved chaperone.
A member must qualify for the conference in at least one of the following ways:

  1. By finishing high enough in a State WSAP Competitive Event.
  2. Be a local, regional, or state officer.
  3. Represent your state as a voting delegate for your division.
  4. Be involved in a National Officer campaign either as a candidate or otherwise actively involved.
  5. Earn an Ambassador Torch Award or BPA Cares Award.
  6. Participate in the National Leadership Academy and NLC Volunteer & Internship Program.
  7. Be involved in the NLC in a manner which is purposely planned by the BPA member and local advisor.